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About us

Merry Meet,Temple of the Morrigan, is a training, teaching blog for those of DarkMoonCircle on line coven who wish to be initated as Priestesses in our circle and into the Morriganic Tradition Presently classes are being constructed

*Must be a member of our coven site to be part of classes*
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This site is under construction-Date of classes TBA
Each class lasts from a few weeks to a couple of months This is a 13 month course.
About DarkMoonCircle on line coven

Dark Moon Circle.An ecclectic,
Celtic flavored circle Dedicated ot the Goddess Morrigan
We are more Dianic in nature as we honor the Goddess as supreme.
We are not a traditional Wiccan coven although some are on the Wiccan Path Our HPS will be Pathworking for Her 3rd degree under Her Elder to develop the Morriganic Tradition a New Tradition birthed from Her relationship with the Morrigan

Our Lineage-
Our roots are in Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca
Our High Priestess is an elevated 2nd degree having been in the Alder Wytche Tradition an Ecclectic Celtic based roots with a lineage of Gardnerian and Alexandrian. Also She has been in a live coven Sisters of the Sacred Dragon Moon an Ecclectic Celtci flavored coven with Gardnerian roots. Having sat under a HPS trainedin BlackForest Tradition. Our High Priestess is clear in the Wiccan path She does not Claim the title Wiccan HPS as She did not elevate to 3rd.yet Our council is made up of one who is a.3rd degree HPS with roots in Gardnerian as well as others who have been in and led their own covens.Several of our sisters
.come from an Irish Celtic heritage as well
What is a Priestess

The word Priestess can also be termed minister.In holy script all believers
inChrist are thought of as Priests and Priestess part of a royal Priesthood
They are ambassadors
A Priestess is an Ambassador of the Goddess, what does this mean?
The Priestess is the representative of the Goddess on earth. She has responsibility for performing functions that ensure fertility and creation. In ancient times, Priestesses were responsible for insuring the rain, for the Goddess Herself was the giver of the dew and the rain. It is said the the Priestesses of Isis could control the rain by braiding and unbraiding their hair. In many cultures these women . were responsible to serve a sacred flame. This flame was the embodiment of the chi, or the creative spark of life that flows from the Goddess and through each one of us.

The Priestess is the embodiment of the Great Goddess herself. This Goddess is manifested as Isis (Egyptian), Kuan Yin (Chinese), Mary (Christian), Artemis (Greek),.Morrigan(Celtic) and in many other guises in many other cultures. The Great Goddess is all-knowing and all-wise. She is the Creatress and Life-giver. She also is the bringer of death so that the true spark of life, or spirit, may continue on in other forms. The Priestess embodies these principles. She is the reminder that we all have this innate wisdom within us, and she demands that we connect to it and bring this wisdom into the world. The Priestess speaks for the Goddess, works for the Goddess and uses her life to bring honor to the name of the Goddess. The Goddess is first and foremost in her mind, before family, friends, job and all else. She knows she is the Goddess and every choice that she makes, every meeting that she has, every word from her mouth comes from this place of inner knowing and reflects out to the world.
It is true becoming a Priestess is not as easy as a 101 class and acertificate h on the wall. Becoming a Priestess has never come this easy, nor should it. Anyone can work magick,spells, or memorize a list of colors and their attributes. Anyone can say prayers, learn the meaning of tarot cards and make potions. None of these things make up a Priestess
 Priestess training involves a change in who we are at the very depth of our being. It hitss something deep inside that changes everything we have thought about ourselves. It changes everything we have thought about others. Being a priestess allows us a larger perspective. It gives us the perspective of the Goddess .. It is rigorous, and should be. What good is a Priestess who has no self-discipline? How can one who cannot even control herself and her own natural human urges (to bust out in anger, to gossip, or become lazy, etc) teach someone else to control theirs? The spiritual path is a path of personal discipline. And in the discipline comes freedom. This is the ultimate paradox. Self-discipline brings freedom. When we are busy gossiping about someone, we are being drawn into the energy of that conversation. We are sending out bad energy to the person we are gossiping about, and in turn we are ensuring that we will have that bad energy returned to us, for what is sown shall surely be reaped....a spiritual principle. When we have overcome our urge to gossip through self-discipline, and remove ourselves from this type of situation, we set ourselves free from the energy entanglements associated with it. Thus, disciplining our urges brings release to our soul.  Self-discipline and inner knowing do not come easily. It is work, and something I am for the most part continue to working on. Thesecome from long days and years of struggling to know who we really are and to understand what it is we are here for. They come from spiritual searching and the asking of questions, from taking vows and sticking to them and from establishing a daily spiritual practice. This is waht being a Prioestess is about. This is spiritual discipline, and this is what makes us able to become representatives of the Great Goddess Herself.

Charge of the Dark Goddess

Night is the cloak of the Dark Goddess of Transformation; Wisdom and prophecy are her gifts.She is known to us as Kali, Cerridwen, Lilith, Hecate, Persephone, Arianhod, Tiamat, The Morrigan, or simply The Crone; the Dark One is Infinite.
These are the words of the Dark Goddess - heed them well.

Hear Me, child, and know Me for who I am. I have been at your side since the day you came to be, and will stay by your side until come to Me in the final darkening of the light.

I am the the passionate, fiery one who inspires the poet to dream of the future.

I am She who calls all things back to the Cauldron, who grants Her children blessed rest and peace in Her embrace.

I am the Womb, the place which all life springs from.

I am the Wild Magess, the sorceress who cannot be ruled, the Weaver of the Rune, the Mistress of Time, the Teacher of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets. I cut the threads of silver, I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the coward, I feed My crows with carrion crop.

Have no fear when you face me, children, for I am your protector, the one to whom you will turn for peace. Fear is crippling; cast it aside and you shall know inner peace, strength, courage and beauty in the night.

I am the fury that rends asunder the unjust heart, the maelstrom that destroys the wicked and the foul.

I am the brilliant forge that tempers the Inner Beast, turns disharmony and falsehood to a source of great power. Open yourself to the embrace of the Night-clad Lady, and overcome the demons of your mind.

I am the crucible that shapes all; the realm in which all parts of Self are joined, in which All become One.

I am the velvet tones of the midnight sky, the swirling mysts of the moonlit vale; I am the Mistress of the Winter Night, She who is shrouded in Mystery and Magick.I am the glinting sword that protects you from harm, the promise of violence that ceases all fighting.

I am the Shroud, the chrysalis in which we all must face our fears and conquer them; the place from which we burst forth anew. Seek me at the Crossroads, and you shall be transformed; for once you look upon the face of Death, there is no return to what you have been, only to what you are to become.

I am the searing fire that burns away the shackles of ignorance, the Cauldron in which the Waters flow deep and darkening, She who in which all opposites learn truth and tolerance for one another.

I am the Healer of all wounds, the Warrior who rights all wrongs in her time. I make the weak strong; I make the arrogant humble. I raise up the oppressed by the Power within them; that of instinct and feral longing that only comes of great need. I am Justice tempered with Wisdom, a Vengeance tempered with Mercy.

Most importantly, children, I am you; I am part of and within you all. Look for me within and without, and you will find strength. Come and know Me, for I should not be lost. Light without Dark is blinding, just as Darkness without Light swallows all. Roam into the dark and find yourself, find your balance, and walk in beauty. Take Me with you always, and have the Power to be whatever you wish.

These are the words of the Dark Goddess, blessed be Her name
unknown author.

A Hym to the Morrighan

Hail and bless the great Morrighan

Hail and greetings to the Crone

Hail and Greetings to the Queen of the Night

Hail and all praise to the Old and Ancient One

Hail and praise to She who is Magick

She is the fear tha coils around the heart

She is the nightmare to those who do wrong

The haunting of those who dare to cause harm

She is the prophetess of fates

She is the Queen of fairies and of Witches

She is death , and a poets inspiration

Hail and salute the Great Phantom Queen

Hail and salute the Mor righan

She who is three yet One

She is the fury of battle

She is the sword of freedom

She is the Crow and raven who flys over head

Hail and bless the Great Morrighan

A toast of ale and offering of blood

Hail and bless The Great Morrighan!!!!!!!